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In John 10:10 Jesus said, "I have come so they may have life and life to the full." Our purpose is to point people to the abundant life that is found in a relationship with Christ. It is our desire that each person would fall more in love with Jesus and experience a personal and growing relationship with Him. Pastor Pedro Garcia leads you through the Bible, verse-by-verse in a way that is meaningful, straightforward, and easy to understand. His humorous and contemporary style connects with a wide audience without compromising the truth of the scriptures. Life Radio is produced in a very easy to listen program you can download and listen to anywhere!

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LIFE Radio back on the AIR!

Posted: 8/28/2012

LIFE Radio is back and better than ever! We are in the middle of a great teaching series about the life of David and its an incredible chance to get insight on how God wants us to live life!

LIFE RADIO under construction!

Posted: 7/3/2012

Thank you so much for visiting our site but you may notice some things aren't quite working like they should. Sorry about that! We are in the process of doing some work on our site and we hope to be up and running very soon! Thanks for understanding!

the LIFE of a Servant

Posted: 4/26/2012

There are many ideas of who Jesus is floating around. The only way to cut through the mess and get an accurate view of Him is to look to the most accurate resource out there, the Bible. 'Servant' is a series through the book of Mark that focuses directly on the character of Jesus and its live of LIFE Radio now!

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    Family Reunion Series

    We weren’t given a how-to manuel when we became part of a family. Some aspects don’t just come naturally. Parenting and conflict resolution are just two of the topics covered in this seven part series dealing with various areas of family life. Pastor Pedro shares what God, through His Word,... read more

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